Casa Rana: Our House in PV

Getting to Know Casa Rana

Concerto in Hotel Saint Angel. Four hours earlier we were winding our way over the mountains to PV. Mexico has always been a land of contrasts for us.

Taking the fast lane to the a new life. We drove to Puerto Vallarta on August 9, 2010 to move Karen and Lilly into Casa Rana.  It was the second of our moving trips and the Iron Duke, our 1996 136,000 mile Jeep, was stuffed to the gills this time as well.  We covered 1500 miles and were in PV by 4:00PM on day three.  We threw our stuff in Casa Rana as fast as we could and two hours later we were at a mini-concert in PV’s most exclusive hotel, three blocks down the street.   Later we had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Barcelona, four blocks in the other direction from our house.  We swayed our way back to Casa Rana that night, feeling that we were in the middle of  everything.  The next morning we found out  that “everything” included a far away rooster, a way-too-close barking dog, and a neighborhood that liked to get up early on Sunday mornings.  After an all day shopping trip the next day to the Walmart, CostCo, and the Sariana market, I was on the plane back to Los Angeles and my girls were starting their lives in Puerto Vallarta.  If the first couple of days were any view to the future, something told me that KR’s life in PV would be anything but leisurely.

The following pictures are the “before” pictures, showing Casa Rana as it was when we bought it and immediately upon moving in.  It’s going to change pretty rapidly.

Five easy blocks to the beach, its five tough blocks going up to Casa Rana

My motto: "Happy wife, happy life." KR in front of Casa Rana. This view is of Calle Corona, toward the beach.

Looking north on Calle Miramar. Casa Rana is on the left. This street is one of only two ways to get to the house.

KR and Lilly go for their first walk together around the neighborhood.  This is looking south on Calle Miramar.

KR and Lilly go for their first walk around the neighborhood

Looking at the dining room and kitchen from the living room

Living room

The living room, with a view onto Calle Corona

KR marks her territory with two horses in the window

The kitchen. Previous owner was into minimalist design

FW's office

The Propellant Group's Mexican branch office

In the center of the house is an open courtyard. When it rains, one needs an umbrella to get to the spare bedroom and office

Looking up the stairs towards FW's office. Above the office is a sun deck

Master bedroom.  Guest bedroom is similar, except it opens into the courtyard

Master bedroom. Guest bedroom is similar, but opens onto the courtyard.

Lilly after her first walk to the neighborhood Starbucks

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  1. Lee says:

    Incredible Walti adventures…glad I was able to catch up on all you have been up to…amazing. I’m even tired and I didn’t do anything. 🙂

  2. SoCalSalty says:

    Fred, wow, DOUBLE WOW. House is awesome, but I love the site too! When you first launched it, it got me to thinking it would be something I wanted to do. Then I went to blogworld and was further inspired. This week, I jumped in. Love for you to check it out. Glad to see all is well. You can bet I will take you up on a visit!

  3. FHW says:

    Joe- Nice to hear from you. Your site looks great. You should come to PV some time as the fishing is great there as well.

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