About Us

After years of writing emails to friends about our various trips, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a blog about our restless travels. TheRestessTraveler (TRT) is a website about and for people who like to take the road less traveled. It’s ground-centric as Karen and I like to wander, following our instincts rather than a set plan, and that’s easiest to do on a motorcycle, RV, car, bus, train, taxi (ground or water), horse, wagon and — god forbid — our feet.

We’ve been traveling together for more than two decades, yet we are still beginners in getting to know the world. We’ve just scratched the surface with entire continents still a mystery to us. We intend to work the problem vigorously.

Blogs are suppose to be about what is happening now, yet much of the initial content for TRT will be a mash-up of where we’ve been rather than where we’re going. We need to catch everyone up fast. Where to begin?

Maybe my most recent trip chasing the Dakar off-road race in South America would be a good start. Or the life-changing (literally) trip to Nepal that I still think about almost every day even though its been 18+months ago. Many of you have read my notes on the trials and travails of building Little Big Sur, our jungle palapa south of Puerto Vallarta.

I should probably just cut to the chase and get to what everyone’s wondering: our planned trip to South America on our motorcycle, Now Voyager. As preparation, we’ve put thousands of miles on NV trying to get ready; in the mean time going to Colorado (what’s not to love), New Mexico (pretty much the opposite of Colorado, because we spent four whole days stuck in Albuquerque), Northern California’s Lost Coast (most descriptive name of any place we’ve been), Nevada (best seen at 85+ mph), and Arizona (what’s riding a motorcycle in 125 degree heat like? Don’t ask).

Trying to sell one’s house is a trip of a whole new flavor, probably deserving of a blog of its own, but chronicled here in Rewire: Fixing What Isn’t Broken. None of our adventures and terrifying experiences have cast KR and I closer to blows than remodeling and selling our house in Hollywood, commonly known as Hollyridge. Accomplishing this little task was the one prerequisite to starting our Big Motorcycle Adventure.

So there, I’ve done it. No more embarrassed silences as friends ask, “Why don’t you have a blog!” Here it is, all for you:)

Geez, I hope somebody comes.


October 2010