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Isle of Man TT Races

In 2010, after years of writing emails to friends during our various trips, I created TheRestlessTravelers (TRT) to chronicle Karen and my travel adventures (vs. adventure travels). We’ve used most any kind of transport you can imagine on these trips, yet we love motorcycling, cars and RV’s so TRT has heavy doses of motorcycling and RV’ing. Over time TRT gained a broader audience and while it’s still mostly a travel site, it veers off down different roads occasionally.

Karen and I have been traveling together for more than three decades and we both think that we’re better together when we’re on the road.  There is nothing better than hearing Karen chirp into my helmet as we ride our bike together. We don’t travel to get away from it all nor to relax, rather we travel to get into it all with new people, new places and new experiences.  A big part of these experiences is sharing with others, hence TRT is our connectivity device for friends and acquaintances to ride along.

We’ve been fortunate to be able to mold our business endeavors with our passion for seeing new places. We’ve gotten a taste of places that we would never have gone to for just pure pleasure.  Places like China, North Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, India, the UAE, Dubai, and Ethiopia. We’ve been to 52 countries yet feel like we’ve just scratched the surface with some continents still a mystery to us. We intend to continue trying to figure things out vigorously. All of our travel adventure stories are in the Travel Near and Far section of the blog.

Adventure can occur outside travel and TRT has slowly evolved to cover these life adventures as well. We lived in an 800 sq. ft. loft in the Arts District of Los Angeles for eleven years and lived through the transformation of a skid row adjacent neighborhood into the cutting edge of urban life.  Many people dream about living somewhere outside the US, we’ve lived off and on in Mexico for 16 years, first in a palapa in the jungle and then in a Mexican neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta. Most of these stories are in the Rewired Life section.

For the past ten years I’ve been trying to slow climate change first as as Co-founder and CEO of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator and now as CEO of the Network for Global Innovation.  Both organizations focused on harnessing entrepreneurship and innovation to slow climate change and drive economic growth from Los Angeles to Kolkata to Mexico City.  All these climate and entrepreneur stories are in the Climate section of TRT.

There’s a theme that runs throughout TRT: whether chosen or propelled, we’ve always gone down a different path, seemingly on the outskirts of normality.  “Anywhere but Middle of the Road” is both TRT’s theme line as well as our life strategy. We’ve done this together, we  are indeed restless in life and travels.


January 2023

Karen “chirping” into my helmet intercom while riding through the Alps

New Year’s day in Taos, NM in Thor