About Karen

Karen (KR as in Karen Rutherford) is a woman of many, changing passions, of which there’s only room to touch on a few of them here.

KR is first and foremost an adventurer in life and travel.  She’s always wanted (indeed insisted) that we try new things, move to different places, go over-there!  Twenty-sevven years ago she persuaded me to get our first motorcycle and we’ve been traveling on them ever since.  Fifteen years ago she said let’s buy an RV and live in South America for a couple of years.  On our twentieth anniversary she insisted we get on a plane and fly to Puerto Vallarta and buy a palapa in a jungle preserve.  In 2011 we spent three months riding through parts of  South America on a motorcycle.  We’ve been through 24 countries on motorcycles since.  She’s accompanied me to China, Japan, India, Ethiopia, Korea, Germany, Italy, and countless other places as I traveled for the Network for Global Innovation.

Independent to an extreme.  When I took yet another unexpected job, KR had to go to Puerto Vallarta supervised the construction or our home in PV, mostly by herself, without speaking any Spanish and working with an ever-changing cast of architects.  The Corona Adobe B&B is the result.

Speaking of You Know Who, no one, and I mean no one, would have stuck with a man who’s made chaos and change an everyday thing.  For years it was normal to pick me up from the airport every Friday as I worked in SF and we lived in LA.  She never blinked when I called her one day and said, “How do you feel about starting a company in our house?”  Six months later we had twenty-five people working in every room in the house.

I’ve been “unemployed” more times than a GM factory worker and just one more bad month away from working in the Home Depot paint department.  She’s said, “sure” to all the companies I’ve tried to start including the fast food chain, the chain of motorcycle dealerships, the buyout of the RV company, and all the Internet ideas.  Standing by your man is not just a slogan for KR.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!
Life’s always a party with FW