What is TheRestlessTraveler.com?

Who can argue with this? We came across this Mark Twain quote on a bike in Colorado. TheRestlessTraveler.com is all about "Explore, Dream, Discover."

TheRestlessTraveler.com is both a journal of off-the-beaten-path travel and off-the-beaten-path living. On our way to figuring out how to travel more, we decided to change just about everything else in our lives.  So,what started out as a journal of our off-beat style of travel has turned into a window on our adventures off the road as well.

In 1992 I mapped out an around-the-world-motorcycle trip and said "let's do it!" I got the "are you crazy?" look from Karen and quietly waited for my next shot. Eighteen years later I'm not so crazy afterall as KR has joined me in the asylum.

There are a couple of story arcs that might interest:

  • Reports from Afar: We (and you) will be reporting from the places we go.   Nepal and the Dakar Rally are the two first installments along with a motorcycle trip in which we rediscovered our inner biker selves. We chronicle  our latest trip — a three month journey on our m/c through South America.
  • Rewire Journey to a New Life: This is the ongoing story of how we’re reconfiguring our life-style.   This is a perfect case history that  no plan is ever executed as envisioned.
  • All Things Puerto Vallarta: Thinking about living in Mexico or just visiting Puerto Vallarta?  Here’s our experience with Little Big Sur and La Corona.
  • Links: I intend to grow a link farm here to help all of you who might want information about the what/how/when/who/why’s

It’s all about you. Just kidding, I wanted to get your attention. But this is more about all of us than just me.  It would be thrilling  if any of you wanted to write a guest post as ultimately TheRestlessTraveler.com will become something beyond just KR and I.   I’m literally sitting on the edge of my chair hoping that you get some enjoyment from TRT.  If you do, please let me know and send it to someone you know. If you don’t, please let me know what’s wrong with it and how to make it better.

Finally, a few notes on help.  Dan Weil designed the entire thing, so if you like its look, hire Dan.  Amy Gelfand helped Dan and I make the thing work. She’s a WordPress maven.  And to all of you who said, “do it!”  Thanks.

Fred Walti


You're invited! Come along for the ride.

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  1. zigy kaluzny says:

    would like to be able to see the clickable photos larger than they are on the original page. clicking them now just produces the photo at same size without the page around it.


  2. FHW says:

    Zigy- Thanks for the suggestion. You’re right and I will work on that next. Hope things are going well. fred

  3. Aneth Hershfield says:

    I wish that I could better express my feelings about your trip. I can tell you both that I admire you and you make me dream about every place that you visit, I enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures of your journey. Thank you for sharing this marvelous experience.

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