Rewire Pt. 4: Transitions

Plan B Takes Shape

What do we do now?  House remodeled, √.  House sold, √.  Moved out, √.  Storage facilities found, √.  Marriage still intact, √.  Now what?

The world’s wisest piece of advice, “happy wife, happy life,” kicks in and I jettison my “lets roam the earth aimlessly” plan in favor of getting the X-Boss of Hollyridge a new kingdom to reign over.  But, where do we want to live?  Our thinking went this way.

California is out.  Aside from the been-there-done-that specter, it’s way too expensive to sustain.

Colorado or New Orleans are cool, but not this time:  Colorado and New Orleans were among the contenders, but we were determined to find a cheap place in Mexico or South America first.

Buenos Aires was my pick, but not practical. One of the all time most beautiful cities we’ve ever been to, I wanted to consider BA but finally accepted that living at the tip of South American was a bit too far away from “home,” even for me.

Merida, Mexico was a finalist.  Karen has had an infatuation with the Yucatan colonial capital for a couple of years now.  She kept showing me all these $90K colonial houses that we could renovate for just $50K.  Right.  I kept pointing out to her that Merida was on the far side of Mexico and we’d never be able to use Little Big Sur, our palapa in the Jungle south of Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was our answer.   PV was the obvious choice all along as we’ve been going there for the last four years as we built and eventually played in Little Big Sur.  We like the town, we’re beginning to make friends there, and we would  have a weekend getaway in the form of LBS.

So, the first component of our Plan B was to buy a little place in PV.  We didn’t know where or how exactly, but we now had a destination.

More discussions ensue and a general plan evolves…. we’ll buy a place in PV, KR will move there and settle in during the summer and fall, I’ll find a small place in Los Angeles so I can continue working, and we’ll start traveling after the first of the year.

Works for me.  Now all we have to do is execute…

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