Report #6: Goodwood Revival 2022 (OMG!)

There are sixteen races over the three days of the Goodwood Revival. This one is pre-’63 Formula 2 cars shot from the first corner. Races are grouped by vintage and type, mostly, with a couple of motorcycle races thrown in. Goodwood was a famous, well-used Re racing circuit on the Lord Richmond estate until 1966. The Revival started in 1998.

I have no expectation that most of you will get beyond this sentence as this post is for my fellow car and motorcycle freaks. In this context, there can never be enough verbiage or pictures.  The Goodwood Revival 2022 was an OMG event.  What’s more, it was an unexpected OMG event as I put it on our itinerary only as a “why not?” replacement for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the acclaimed hill climb event that we couldn’t make.

The Revival is held on Lord Richmond’s estate, known simply as Goodwood.  It is one of the centers of early British racing, holding acclaimed sports car and formula races on its race course up till 1966.  Today, its huge grass-covered pastures hold one of the world’s largest, foremost classic car events all done in period —everything from the cars to clothes to buildings food is done in the style(?) of the 30’s/40’s/50’s/60’s/70’s — hence the name Revival.  At first I wasn’t too thrilled with the costume nature of the event — who wants to dress up? I just want to see the cars and bikes!  I was wrong, totally wrong, as the dress-up and make-up and play-up make this event one of the all time best things we’ve done.

No more words, here’s the pictures:  the event, the people, and the cars/bikes.


White tents are various vendors, ranging from fully restored classics to in-period costumes.

Some of the many many ways VIPS can enjoy the event sequestered away from the rest of us.

Part of the race track. The track was immaculately groomed.  Goodwood has a long history as one of the first British race tracks.  It was fast and dangerous (an accident here ended Stirling Moss’ career) and it was eventually shuttered due to safety concerns.  It reopened with the Revival in ’98 with upgraded safety features but nothing akin to a modern track.  Still, its gorgeous.

Lots of different places to watch the races from. This is at the first corner. Experienced Festival goers bring their own chairs, picnics. etc.

View from the Chicane Grand Stand as an old Ferrari speeds by.  This was very early Sunday morning.

One of the many picnic areas, this one close to the airplane expo and the helicopter landing field.

I’ve never seen a Catalina airplane up close. Massive , considering that it lands in water.

Lots of workshops on everything from restoring old clothing (this one) to period hair styling and dancing.

I thought maybe this was the India Jones movie set, but no, its the drivers rest lounge!

In-period BMW mechanics and restorers

We were well protected by the troops

Its good they found the unexploded WWII bombs before someone got hurt

Protestors warning of UFOs in front of a crashed flying saucer. Policeman on the right arrested a couple of the protestors.

There was even an in-period movie studio. This young lady poses on a decked-out Vespa

Not a period bar — KR and I ended each day at a different bar. This one would have given LA a run for its money for action.



British version of the “Wild Bunch” motorcycle thugs. Notice the in-period beer bottles.  Motorcyclists always get a bum rap.

No words could describe

Red was a poplular color

Even if you’re an old mechanic

White was big too

Many opted for just looking cool, regardless of period

The Annie Hall look?

“Isn’t Afternoon Tea about to start, darling?”

Owner/driver going to the staging area before his race. Despite the look, he did pretty good in the race.

This is a more typical driver. Old enough to remember these cars, rich enough to afford to own and race one, out of shape enough to challenge cockpit entry.  Skills varied greatly from those who were genuinely quick to those who’d have a hard time getting around one of England’s many roundabouts

Many opted for the British Upper Class look.

Driver standing next to his car with his pit crew (the wife) at the ready.

“Darling, how do you operate a movie camera?”

This is a test to see if you’re paying attention: ). This is the lead singer of a band playing in Chichester’s hottest pub.

Mechanics are in period dress as well — the guy on the right is also wearing a tie. This Ferrari is getting a tow to get started.

Karen standing in front of a Ferrari GTO. Expensive car and beautiful girl. This multi-million car is just parked casually in front of one of the exhibits.



Bonus points for naming this car

It seems to me the only thing more dangerous than racing cars and motorcycles of this era would be to fly its planes. There is no way you could get me in this, especially with its cockpit…

Not sure what the red cord is for, but maybe you pull on it just before you kiss your ass goodbye: )

Ferrari GTO that was driven by Graham Hill.

The last Ferrari to win Le Mans was sitting by itself, without a guard or even a “do not touch” sign early on Sunday morning. This is mind-boggling considering many of these cars — and this one for sure– are worth TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars

Just another GTO sitting among other Ferraris. Big part of this year’s Festival was Ferrari’s 75th anniversary.

Lots and lots of E-Type Jaguars, most of which were beaten by Cobras just like in real life!

F2 pits

Jaguar D Types in the paddock

Old BMW piece of art. Look at the frame!

This Vincent won the second motorcycle race. It was by far the fastest motorcycle in a straight line.

This Norton Manx single 500cc bike won the first race and finished second in the second race to claim overall honors. James Helier, a current IOM TT winner, just hauled the freight on this bike. All bikes were pre 1954 with drum brakes!!

Motorcycle paddock

This gets the prize for weirdest motorcycle – front engine, front wheel drive: )

Everything in period. This golf car sized car carries a battery pack to jump the racers that need it.

Bikes rush toward the final couple of turns on the first lap of Race 2

There are hundreds and hundreds of classic cars driven to the Festival and parked in a field. This is (probably) an Aston Martin DB 2 replica.

Karen will never forgive me for selling our MK II named “Emma.” There were a ton of MKIIs in the parking lot, this one a clone of Emma.

There were easily two dozen plus E-Types in the parking lot. Most were early Series 1 examples and most had been restored. Yet, there were significant differences in details making it difficult to know what was “correct” and what was not. This was one of my favorites.

Looking at an E-Type, sitting next to a MK II

Cars can be much more than transportation. The Ranchero is also picnic space

This claims to be one of the earliest Ford GT 40 prototypes. Year is around 1964

All kinds of cars show up to race. This is an early Plymouth Barracuda racer

Just your everyday Ferrari Testa Rosa in Belgium racing yellow. IF its real, its worth tens of millions

NoName sitting in front of our Chichester apartment ready to head north to Great Melvern and the “Morgan Factory Experience.”



Three days after Goodwood, we travel 200 miles north to Great Malvern to visit the Morgan Motor factory.  We take the factory tour, have High Tea, and spend an hour driving a new Morgan Plus Four.  Good, very very good: )

The tour begins with a description of Morgan’s history. Short version: started making three-wheelers in 1909, added four wheel models in 1939, and have basically been manufacturing a combo of evolved models ever since.

Oh yah: ))

Morgan makes beautiful cars that last. This is the interior of a 2013 V-6 model.

This is a business with a crazy business model: hand make much of the car and add the latest technology. What a great place

Latest technology means BMW latest engines

Morgan is the last car company to make bodies using a combo of wood and aluminum. Mind-boggling: )

I took an hour long drive through the English countryside in the most English of cars. Fast, light, agile and very stiff

Karen took a ride too: )

Tomorrow we begin the week-long journey back home.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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  1. Ryland Owen says:

    Bravo, Fred and Karen!
    Great pictures. If only the IoM TT and the Goodwood Revival were in successive weeks…
    The green racer #21 is a Lotus 15, I think.
    I would love to spend the day at the Morgan factory in the shop.


  2. Steve Andrews says:

    OMG indeed! But I’m trying to figure out if this is missing something I wanted to see …. like maybe the inside of a cathedral? ….guess not! And to think this was a SECOND choice on your original itinerary!
    Happy travels home!
    Steve and Teri

  3. Elías says:

    Absolutely stunning cars. Can’t comprehend how they’re able to stop those bikes with drum brakes considering the weight of their steel balls.

  4. Ryan Manuel Reza says:

    Awesome write up and photos! Very disappointing that you thought that beautiful Lambretta was a Vespa, however.
    Glad to see you two out having fun!

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