Miracle on Juarez

For a dog who doesn’t get out of bed often, Lilly took a long walk in a thunderstorm to PV’s center Plaza

Last week Lilly was rescued by an international team brought together via Facebook and AT&T.   Thankfully, we didn’t know she almost got run over, stolen, or lost until she was saved!

Lilly sleeps 23 1/2 hours every day unless it rains with lightening and thunderstorms, at which point she shakes and looks for KR to protect her.   So, one day last week Karen gets a call on her cell phone while dining at Cafe Costco.  She was awaiting the thunderstorms to subside before making a mad dash to her car.  It has been raining a cats and…dogs for the past couple of hours.

A bad connection didn’t help her understand what was happening.   It seems that Lotus’ vet in Glendale was on the phone (Lotus spent two years getting brain surgery from her) from California and she was telling Karen that Lilly was in the middle of the busiest street in downtown PV!


Yes, Karen was told that two men had rescued Lilly in El Centro and was looking for her owner.  KR ran for the Iron Duke and became a Mrs Mario Andretti in hauling butt to El Centro.   It seems that…

  • Lilly must have sneaked out of the house during the thunderstorm.  La Corona isn’t done, so we don’t have all the doors installed.
  • She then somehow made her way down the block
  • Walked down all the steps to the main road below us
  • Then walked two blocks south on the main street, Juarez, to the City Plaza
  • At which point she was spotted sitting in the middle of the street (in a pouring rain and thunderstorms) looking like a deer in the headlights with traffic dodging her.
  • A policeman picked up out of the street.
  • Two passersby, Bill & Juan called the number of her tag (it was my US cell phone and they couldn’t get through)
  • So, they took Lilly back to their house and noticed the Vet number on her tag.  They looked up the vet’s address and phone number in Glendale California.   They called the vets office, which had KR’s US cell phone on file, who then got a hold of KR.
  • Then either Juan, William  or friend posted a lost dog notice on a Facebook page that is viewed by lots of folks in PV.  Which was noticed by two friends who both emailed Karen inquiring whether the Lily in the post was our Lilly.
  • While KR was hauling back to find Lilly, they gave her a bath and fed her! : ))))
  • Karen arrived, Lilly licked her like nothing happened, and promptly fell asleep under the bed when she got home.
  • When Karen got her home, she noticed that all the workers at La Corona were really nervous as she’d gotten out on their watch (in fact there was no watch of course)

So, its both a small world and a kind one at that.  We’re eternally grateful to everyone for Lilly safe return.


Bill, Juan and Lilly courtesy of Sam’s Photoshop skills


Facebook page with video of Lilly

Lilly post-adventure.

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  1. Georgia Rowe says:

    So it seems, there are more honest, helpful and kind people in
    this world that we didn’t even knew shared this planet with us.

    So glad your Lilly love was found.

    Love the way your new home is shaping up. Beautiful.

    Georgia Rowe

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