M/Cing to SA: Video just in!

This post is all video, all the time.

I don’t expect an Academy Award this Sunday for “Best Documentary on Motorcycling, ” which is premiering right here, right now. Never a quick learner,  I’ve finally figured out how to upload video and post it only 60 days into this trip.  What follows are videos — unedited, non-captioned, with no music or soundtracks –of riding Now Voyager in various parts of South America.   I apologize up front for their sameness, for their lack of editing, and all other things that make watching a video interesting.   I promise you we’ll get better.

For those of you brave enough to watch some of these, please let me know which ones you liked and which one’s you didn’t.  And the whys.

Video #1:  We ride along the Chalhuanga River about 100 miles south of Abancay, Peru.  This clip captures some of the road interruptions we encountered.

Video #2:  We’re riding in the Clouds, 13,000+ feet high in the Andes.

Video #3:  Route 26A in the Andes

Video #4:  We encounter cows and other obstacles in the Andes

Video #5:  We continue rising on Route 26 out of Nazca. Landscape reflects the desert that surrounds Nazca, not the alpine we’ll meet shortly

Video #6: We start riding on Highway 26 toward Cusco

Video #7  Down the Chilean side of the Andes Con’t.

Video #8:  Down the Chilean  side of the Andes. We cross the Andes from Argentina to Chile between Mendoza and Santiago.  This road is famous for its steep switchbacks.

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  1. gwen stevens says:

    My favorite part is when you speed up in road construction areas after passing 32 wheelers. How fast are you going on average. I am seasick! But, wow, the video sure gives you the real deal. Do you have tunes … Lady Gaga or Perry Como? Loving your trip. Gwen

  2. Jayson says:

    I really like the switchbacks. Its entertaining to hear the motorcycle and see the story unfold. I can just picture Fast Freddie / Wailing Walti… keep ’em coming. Sameness or not, it is still appreciated.

  3. Chuck and Maryanne says:

    We met at Resturant Azul Profundo in Santiago. At the time you two had come into Chile from Argentina having to creatively deal with recurring overheating problems. Last year many of the roads we followed in Peru in a Kia sedan were gravel, at speeds closer to 30 mph. Is there no way you can attach the camera to you helmet or give it to Karen from time to time so the rest of us riding with you can experience what it looks like to your left and right? We look forward to checking in from time to time.

  4. FHW says:

    Great to hear from you guys! I talked with KR this morning and the next time we’re on the road, I’m going to give her the video camera for some “left and right” shots. Ask and you shall receive:)

  5. FHW says:

    Finally someone who appreciates the art of motorcycling in its pure form. Culture? People? Left? Right? Music? All over-rated.

  6. FHW says:

    Gwen- You’re obviously not familiar with the first rule of off-road motorcycle riding: when in doubt or trouble, hit the throttle. ALWAYS accelerate into trouble 🙂 As for the speed, it varies but it’s not very fast — mostly between 40 and 60.

    As for adding music to my videos, is there no end to the constant pressure to make them better and better? Geez, I just learned how to down load them and now you want a combo track of Perry Como and Lady Gaga?

    Someday … : ) fw

  7. Cindy says:

    JEEEEEEEZ… I am seasick too!!! Slow down man, slow down! At least for the hair pin curves and the construction zones!
    xoxo 😉

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