M/Cing to SA: On Our Way to Buenos Aires

Twenty-seven months after deciding to ride our motorcycle around South America, we stand at the start line.

Getting there the easy way

The clock is blinking 4:30AM. I know this because I’m wide awake thinking, “Well, you wanted this and now it’s HERE.” Like a couple of hours away HERE.  After two and a-half years of prepping, including literally a change of life, it’s HERE.  “What am I going to do now?” We’re flying to Buenos Aires this afternoon.  I don’t know if I should grab the champagne or run into the bathroom.

Which is the whole point of this, I suppose.  Not knowing whether to celebrate or run for shelter.

I’m writing to let you all know that KR and I have finally pulled the trigger and we’re on a 777 silently running through the night toward Buenos Aires.  In 1st Class no less! (on miles of course.)  If this is any measure, the Other Half do live differently, but that’s whole other story.

Our plans are roughly as follows.   We’ve rented an apartment in Buenos Aires for a week as we wait to get our motorcycle out of Customs.  We’re then going to watch the start of the Dakar race, join a group of twenty other motorcyclists and follow the race through Argentina, over the Andes, and into Chile. We leave the group half-way through their tour.  We’ll be at the very northern most tip of Chile and we’ll decide what to do next.

We held our first itinerary planning session yesterday.  I’m not making this up.  We were in the immunization clinic, getting yellow fever and assorted other vaccinations, and the office was covered in a man-sized world map stretching in front of us.  We were both silently scoping out South America.  After getting punched in the shoulder a couple of times, I said, “Let’s continue north through Peru…”  KR said, “Oh no!  let’s go east to Brazil.”  Business as usual.

Before and after. Five months of living in the Owens’ “wine cellar” left its mark. We try to minimize the damage. Where did all the stuff go?

This is THE way to travel. Way up front on a 777. We know it won’t last, but it was fun!

I told you it wouldn’t last. FW working at 40,000 ft on the 777 and 39,990 feet lower in the kitchen of our apartment in Buenos Aires. Ahh, it was sweet.

This is why we’re in BA — The Dakar, 2011 edition. Picture is taken in a restaurant in Recoleta that has been a racing gathering spot since the 50’s.

KR in a cafe on Florida street in BA. This was one of the few places we found that had people on Xmas.  For those with sharp eyes, you can see my SPOT satellite tracker on the top of the red post.

Two classic beauties

Meat. Argentina is all about meat. I had a big piece of meat last night and it was world-class.

Our plan is to hang in Buenos Aires awaiting the arrival of Now Voyager, which was due on the 22nd, but won’t be here much before the 29th.   We’ve rented an apartment for the week in Recoleta, a very, very nice neighborhood in BA.  Tonight is San Telmo and Tango dancing.

I’m thinking steak & eggs for breakfast and maybe a steak sand for lunch and then….

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  1. Debra Steadman says:

    Dear Fred and Karen,

    Tango dancing in Buenos Aires, now that sounds awesome!

    I’ve been intrigued and inspired in reading about your adventures. How to make a living and live an exciting life at the same time! Quite a tall order to say the least. I have, myself made several attempts at the same which has brought me to places like Vermont and New Mexico. However, the earning a decent living part has eluded me. (Working on that now, going to a Library and Information Science Program)
    I look forward to reading more about riding through South America!

  2. Sam and Jill says:

    It’s difficult not to be envious…of the 777/First Class/MegaMeat/Tango part of your adventure. The rest…Yo No Se(That’s Spanish, Fred).

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