LBS Pt. 6- Rumble in the Jungle

TALE OF THE TAPE: Four days worth. Only thing lost was Jones’ left shoe

March 2009

Every year a group of my best buddies and I spend a weekend in full party mode in a desert town called Borrego Springs, outside LA.   We call this event “Desert Storm” after the first Gulf War.  Because we’re getting older, but no wiser, we thought why not change the venue and go down to Little Big Sur for the first-ever “Jungle Storm.”   This is the report from the front lines.  I think it is testament to the “fog of war.”

Before Shot: Dinner for four, with some really awful Mexican wine, for $125.

The Pace Picks Up: Night cap at Andale's. Two favorite songs, “My Prison Bitch,” and “Who the Fuck is Alice?” TKF bought the CD.

No caption required: What can you say?

New improved water taxi: They’re building the helicopter pad at Chonchos now.

All this stuff is going in that boat?

Are we there yet? Most often made comment on the way there. “Gee, this really is remote...”

We needed a mule to cart all the booze up the “Mule Highway:” Fortunately, we were met by said mule and his owner, Artemio. Artemio would come in handy several times. Curses are getting louder.

By 11:00AM on Day One, cocktails served. This is a pace that we pretty much kept up the entire time. See first picture.

This is $17 worth 🙂 While walking the aisle of the PV supermarket, I use my Blackberry to make a refreshment order, which was then delivered in Chonchos. No wonder The President won’t give up his Blackberry.

When you start at 11:00, a guy needs a rest

Repeat after me: Typical evening. Lots of talk, laughter and partaking of refreshments. Days are pretty much the same thing.

Our woman, TKF, sizes up his machinery. TKF is by tradition and talent, the Rumble in the Jungle’s official cook. He came fully prepared with recipes, favorite tools, shopping list, etc.,etc. No apron this time, however.

New additions: Fernando, the local carpenter, just delivered these lounges. Notice the beverage tray.

The Hike to Chimo: LJ, TKF and FW hike to the local village, 2 miles away. It’s a pretty tough walk, until one remembers that the workers of Chonchos walk this path to and from work everyday. We manned up.

Chimo is best viewed from afar. Here the boys enter the town using the new super highway.

The Fish Store Needs Better Signage. Since none of us speak Spanish and no one in Chimo speaks English, we had a problem finding the Fish Guy. Alberto has a pretty nice store, but there is no signage out front. Here he weighs our three Red Snapper

Jones was kept busy cleaning


And rolling. No rest for the weary

Teamwork: For the difficult tasks, CB was called in. “Larry, what do you think that is?

Weather changes: For two hours on the last day the weather turned cloudy, windy and overcast. We compensated by keeping warm by.... Well yes, another cocktail:)

Packing out: Going home (down), is a lot easier than going up. Here LJ passes the “road sign” on Mule Highway. LBS is called “C. Nariz” by the locals. Go figure

Ass over tea kettle: CB mounts the taxi on the way home. He’s the one in the green shorts.

First wave safely away. CB and LJ had to leave a day early (don’t ask). Coincidently, that leaves TKF and FW to close up Little Big Sur.

A day later, the Clean Up Crew awaits the taxi as well.

Surprisingly, all made it back from the first Rumble in the Jungle in one piece.  Key learnings:  8 bottles of vodka is cutting it pretty close, we will bring wine from LA, and Keith needs a bigger frying pan.  And an apron.

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