TheRestessTraveler (TRT) is a website about and for people who like to take the road less traveled – literally and figuratively.  TRT is anything but middle of the road. Occasionally it gets off track and veers to other topics like climate change, politics, business and entrepreneurship.

Most of our travel has been ground-centric as Karen and I like to wander, following our instincts rather than a set plan, and that’s easiest to do on a motorcycle, RV, car, bus, train, taxi (ground or water), horse, wagon and — god forbid — our feet.

We’ve been traveling together for more than three decades, making it to 42 countries and all 52 states. Yet we’re still beginners in getting to know the world.  We’ve just scratched the surface with entire continents still a mystery to us.   We intend to work the problem vigorously.

We’ve been trying to rewire our life for the past decade.  Rewiring to me means reorganizing one’s life’s work so that you can get control of your agenda, and create the style of life you want.  Eight years ago we sold our house in the Hollywood Hills and bought a small house in Puerto Vallarta.  We intended to re-organize to make travel the center of our lives and use PV as our home base.  That didn’t happen as I took a job as the CEO of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.  So instead of wandering the world, Karen and I have lived in an 800 sq. ft. apartment in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles ever since.  A year ago I stepped down as CEO of LACI with the intention of freeing up some time, but that didn’t work out as planned either.  I created a new no-profit, the Network for Global Innovation, that we’re trying to build.

Who would have thought we’d become inn keepers at this point?  We have transformed our little adobe house in Puerto Vallarta into a 5,200 sq.ft. “Bed & Wine” which we call the Corona Adobe.  It’s been a fabulous, unexpected learning experience on how to run an Inn from far away.  Two hours away from our house in PV, in the jungle south of Puerto Vallarta, we own a our palapa called Little Big Sur, which we also rent out.

We’re about to enter a new phase of our lives, one I can’t predict what it will involve or where it will take us.  We’re both up for it, no matter what.  If bad things happen, we’ll deal with them the best we can.  As for any good things that come our way, we intend to double-down on them and enjoy the ride.


February 2019

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